Transformers The Movie is The Best Transformers Movie – Talking About Tapes (#87)

September 28, 2021

Tony, Ryan, and Kevin revisit the 80’s animated classic, Transformer The Movie! In this movie review/podcast they’ll talk about all the things that..

Tony, Ryan, and Kevin revisit the 80’s animated classic, Transformer The Movie! In this movie review/podcast they’ll talk about all the things that make it the BEST Transformers movie. Like the solid voice acting, the focus on the transformers themselves, and the over the top 80’s charm the film has.

The Decepticons have invaded and taken over the Autobots’ home planet, Cybertron. The Autobots are determined to fight back and go to Autobot City on Earth for supplies. Decepticons hijack and take over the ship, resulting in a fierce battle between the Autobots and Decepticons, the result of which is devastating. A new threat to the Autobots appears in the form of Unicron, a massive planet-devouring transformer.

Edited by Jessica Hickson

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  1. Oh my god… So I’m listening to this and banging my head into the wall. I actually saw this in a real theater in 1986. I can tell you some things about the series up to this point. I’m about halfway through, so I might say some things that get mentioned in the show. Sorry about that.

    The swearing wasn’t cut out of the theatrical print. It was definitely there, and the reason it even exists is to get them the PG rating, because otherwise the movie would have been a matinee. It’s kinda funny in retrospect, because if this came out today, the violence today would have gotten, at the very least, a PG-13. The swearing is so tame.

    About Prime not shooting Megatron. Megatron has surrendered. You don’t shoot a surrendering enemy combatants. And yes, I’m aware that the Geneva Convention doesn’t apply to cartoon robots, but it’s amazing how many people pick THIS scene out as not making sense when it’s so easily explainable. Hot Rod should have hot Megatron. He at least saw Megatron reaching for the gun.

    So you guys were talking about where the Transformers come from. The Quintessons made them. It’s not very well explained in the series. In fact, there’s an episode in episode 4 of season 3 which is just an info-dump that contradicts every other episode that ever addressed the history of Cybertron. There is no coherent history of the G1 Transformers The basic outline is that the robots were made for labor, then the robots revolted, and then they learned to transform and started warring with each other.

    It’s said in the series that the only way to create a Transformer is with the super computer on Cybetron named Vector Sigma, but that ignores the fact that the Dinobots and the Constructicons were created on Earth.

    Also, there are at least three episodes in seasons 1 and 2 in which we get to see what the inside of Optimus Prime, two which he’s actually blown apart, and there’s no Matrix inside of him.

    Jazz and Cliffjumper do not die, in spite of their shuttle clearly blowing up. They’re seen throughout the end of the movie, and Jazz even pops up in several season 3 episodes, without a voice, obviously. RIP Scatman Crothers. Casey Casem, refused to return as Cliffjumper, because the first episode of season 3 featured a Middle Eastern stereotype comedy villain named Abdul Fakkadi, who is president for life of the Socialist Democratic Federated Republic of Carbombya (Car-bomb-ya). Casey, who has Lebanese ancestry, did not find this very amusing and quit the show.

    By the way, the five-part follow-up to the movie is TERRRRRIBLE. I hate most of season 3, because the budget got cut hard. A lot of season 3 episodes look like Hanna-Barbara.

    Anyway, that’s it. More Newt and Crystal, please.

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